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Have you dreamed about a career in microblading and want to be recognized as one of the most elite Artists in your professional field? Let’s blow away your competition!

Registering in the ONLINE Phibrows Microblading Certification Course includes the most important factors that will help you master the art of microblading:

Dont look back a year from now wishing you started today!

What Is PhiBrows Microblading?

Microblading is currently the most innovative and leading technique in the beauty industry. Phibrows is a manual semi-permanent technique of filling in missing/nonexistent eyebrow hair, in which the shape is calculated according to facial morphology and golden proportion (Phi 1.618).

The appearance of hair growth is mimicked to create flawless, full looking brows with an industry leading technique that deposits vegan pigmentation in “hair-like” strokes. We create these hairlike strokes by drawing them in the direction of ones natural hair growth to achieve a hyper-realistic look.

Each pigment is specially chosen to match the natural eyebrow color. All implements used are 100% sterilized to meet all health sanitation standards. Phibrows microblading is ideal for those who want to reconstruct, define, cover gaps or fill in over-plucked eyebrows.

In our in-depth live training, we will teach and demonstrate these techniques, showing you how to properly create these hairlike strokes. With our training you will be able to achieve the most natural and ideal healed results.

Estimated Earnings

Average Cost Per Procedure: $500
(Adjust For Your Location)

$ 0
Weekly Income Based On 8 Clients A Week!
$ 0
Annual Income

Not Including Tips!

Pay back your investment in as little as 4 clients!

Microblading Class Content Theory

  • How to draw the shape
    Eyebrow hair stroke design/pattern
  • Use of pigments
  • Workstations Setup
  • How to prepare yourself and your Client before the treatment
  • Colour Theory
  • Pre/post-treatment care depending on the type of the skin and factors that can influence pigment and its durability etc.)
  • Introduction with hygienic standards, Safety and sterilization
  • Use of anesthetics
  • Eyebrow mapping according to bone structure
  • Symmetry and digital symmetry using the Phi-App
  • Skin Conditions
  • Determine who is a good candidate.
  • Proper stretching of the skin
  • Pigment filling of hairstrokes
  • Correct depth/pressure for technique

How Does It Work?

Step 1

Once your registration process is completed. You will download the Craftmaster Application on any or all of your devices! (smart phone, tablet, ipad…) Provide us the email that you used to sign up and we activate your account for you.

Step 2

You will receive your Phibrows kit by Registered mail. See what’s in your Kit below!

Step 3

You begin your program by going through the lectures and completing levels 1-11 in the application. Upon completion of each level you submit your work through craft master. Then your work is graded and if satisfactory you are promoted to the next level of the course until graduation.

Step 4

With continuous support and supervision from Phibrows Master Melissa Heward over the next 6 months, you will develop your skills, master each level, and ultimately achieve the Phibrows standard.

You receive your formal Phibrows Certification by satisfactorily completing all 11 levels of the application. Many students begin working on clients and charging for microblading before achieving their formal certification. This is around level 9 in the Craftmaster Application.

PhiBrows Master Melissa Heward

Master Melissa Heward is a successful salon owner with 17+ years of industry experience. She is a certified Aesthetician & Eyelash Extension technician, her expertise ensures her training and Studio is above and beyond industry safety standards. In addition she holds a diploma in fine arts. Melissa has always had an eye for make-up and fashion. She is passionate about her career in the beauty industry and is constantly striving to update her skills and bring the best techniques to her students and her practise.

“You can never be overeducated or overdressed”

Managing high end spas and being a trainer for aesthetic schools has led her to opening up her own salon in 2009, Melissa has been microblading since 2013. She believes it is a big responsibility and also a privilege to apply a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo on her client’s skin.

In early 2016 She travelled to learn the Phibrows technique. Phibrows is a world-renowned, innovative technique in the microblading industry.

“A hyper-realistic eyebrow outlasts any makeup/beauty trend”

Achieving “PhiBrows Master” educator status has cemented her among the world’s best and elite artists in the world.

What Is The Craftmaster App?

Craft Master is an online Android and IOS application. Craft Master is a brand new concept of teaching the technique using classroom system in a specially designed learning application.

The Key benefits from learning microblading with the Craft Master application are:

  • Saving your precious time
  • Practicing whenever and wherever you want
  • Obtaining precise and dedicated guidance from a supervising master

The CraftMaster application contains lectures with 10 + hours of HD video material and hundreds of pictures that help students learn everything they need to know about the PhiBrows Microblading technique. The application is a tool that enables students to communicate with the Academy whenever they want during the next 6 months.

Students send their work through the App which are graded until they get a certificate one day. The application has 11 different levels and the students have to pass each level, step by step, in order to obtain the certificate. The Craft Master also contains links to PhiBrows online shop and Forum, everything that a member of the PhiBrows family needs.

Students are supported by the Academy’s official Master Melissa Heward, chemist, lawyer and doctors for all the questions that they may have. With Master Melissa and the PhiBrows method, You are starting on a wonderful journey with an incredible opportunity to drastically increase your financial status, increase the confidence of your new clients, while providing the hottest Beauty service!

Bonus!! Receive these 2 FREE additional courses when you enroll. A great added value!


Free for enrolled Phibrows Course Students

Skin Expert


Improve your skills
by improving your knowledge

Skin Expert is the first theoretical course on the skin created by PhiAcademy. This course is an essential foundation necessary to secure a good base of understanding for all the other courses available through us.

Skin Expert deals solely with the skin, its issues, as well as with all external and internal factors that affect the skin. The course provides highly detailed and in-depth information on each layer of skin individually. In order to properly care for your skin and treat various conditions, it’s important to understand how your skin works. In this extensive course, you will learn about the skin conditions that prevent you from achieving perfectly clear skin. Skin discoloration, rough skin, scarring, blemishes caused by acne, wrinkles, and sun damage are just some of the common skin concerns. Skin Expert course will give you a clear understanding of their root causes on a cellular level, and the different aesthetic modalities for treating them.

What we especially emphasize in this course are the PhiSkin Scales which will make sure you can ‘read’ the skin and therefore know in advance what results to expect after performing various treatments.

First Class Service

The most important person in any successful company is not its director, the CEO, manager, shareholder or owner.

It is the client!

Learn what things are important during each stage of your clients’ visit to your studio and why.

Learn all the written and unwritten rules of how to greet clients and how to walk them out, how to talk to them over the phone, how to decorate, the proper way to behave during treatments and also remember how important customer care is at the end of the visit as your clients are leaving your studio.

If the Customer Care you provide reaches (and remains) ‘First Class Service’ quality, you’ve reached the point when you can say that you’re a true artist at what you do and that your clients have found the right person and the right place, i.e. one they will highly appreciate, will be happy to recommend to others and always come back to.

Always give your clients more than they expect!

Sign Up for PhiBrows Training

This ONLINE course will certify you with the worlds most prestigious Academy “Phibrows” method of microblading

What Does the PhiBrows Kit Include?


  • Self Adhesive Pigment Container 50pcs
  • Scissors & Tweezers 1pc
  • Universal Holder 1pc
  • PhiCompas 1pc
  • Pencils 2pcs
  • Dispossable Tools 30pcs
  • PhiBlade U-304 50pcs
  • Stroke Marker 1pc
  • Latex 3pcs



  • PhiShield Skin Candy 50pcs
  • Skin Candy & PhiTopic (After Care, AntiShock 1, AntiShock 2, Scar Protection, Sun & Sweat Protection)
  • PhiWipes After Care 5pcs
  • PhiWipes Makeup Remover 5pcs
  • PhiWipes Makeup Block Tonic 1pc



  • Premium Pigment Colors (Brown 1, Brown 2, Brown 3, Golden Brown, Fox) 10pcs
  • Professional Pigment Colors (Black, Red, Yellow) 3pcs

No need to purchase expensive machines or equipment – all you need is a premium PhiBrows Microblading Kit you receive at your training. Take advantage of Melissa’s microblading course right now!

With Phibrows your training you get a mentorship with Phibrows Master Melissa!. We are the only academy to provide students with 6 months access to our unique interactive online learning application called craft master which includes over 10 hours of High Definition quality videos, and over 300 photos and tutorials.

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